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Middle East & Africa

In this region we seek investments in new and disruptive technologies, healthcare, and traditional industries across established and developing economies. We seek co-investment opportunities with managers and companies located in these regions and are pleased to have team members located in these areas. 

Nkosikhona Propsper Mtsetfwa, Analyst

Christopher Nkosi, Engineer

Christopher Nkosi, a microwave transmission engineer, joined the Cooper Family Office as a projects manager to review the scientific and engineering aspects of potential portfolio companies. Mr. Nkosi's particular foci within the microwave transmission space are: point to multipoint communications, planning, design, and implementation of microwave links, configuring and troubleshooting microwave links, and 5G microwave solutions. He holds a B.ENG. in electrical and electronics engineering, with a focus in telecommunications, from the University of Eswatini. He was the inaugural Huawei-University of Eswatini ICT Academy campus ambassador for the year 2021 to 2022. From the ICT Academy, Christopher entered the graduate trainee program in Huawei technologies. 

Mr. Nkosi's interests within the ICT space are varied, the most predominant being the infrastructure used to bring out mobile telecommunications. He has trained in microwave transmission, a well as a professional in the telecommunications space. Christopher sees a continued, new, Industrial Revolution throughout the Middle East and Africa, which will result in significant opportunities for investors and engineers. 

Nkosikhona Prosper Mtsetfwa, Analyst

Nkosikhona Prosper Mtsetfwa joined the Cooper Family Office as an analyst dedicated to researching opportunities in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. A graduate of the Social Science program at the University of Eswatini, Prosper majored in Economics and Statistics with experience in research and project coordination, while specializing in monetary theory and corporate finance. His concentration is in financial data analysis of the regions he oversees, including portfolio and investment analysis. On behalf of the Cooper Family Office, Prosper utilizes both standard and high level statistical methods such as artificial intelligence, coupled with advanced statistical software to direct decision-making and improve productivity and efficiency.

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