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Asia & India

As part of our global approach to investing, we seek proven top decile managers and direct investments throughout Asia and India. We are continually building a diversified portfolio of funds in countries of these regions. We prefer to invest with managers that offer co-investment opportunities in regional companies, products and real estate. 

Neetu Puranikmath, Senior Investment Officer

Neetu Puranikmath joined the Cooper Family Office focusing on both Venture Capital and Asian / Indian Private Markets. Neetu is an experienced venture capital investor, startup advisor, and financial operator. Previously she worked at Alumni Venture Group’s Basecamp Fund, where she was a generalist investing across a variety of sectors including healthcare, consumer, SaaS, fintech, and real estate, and led several international deals in emerging markets. Neetu  has experience working in startups, building SPVs, and advising early stage founders. Neetu has family based in India, and has a strong network based in South Asia and Singapore. She has tracked Asian macroeconomic trends and has experience diligencing companies and funds based in Asia. 

Neetu began her career working in Operations at YouTube and Google and was an Entrepreneur Mentor for the Clinton Global Initiative - University program. She earned a B.A. in politcal science from The University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Oxford University. Her hobbies include philanthropy, tennis, art, and traveling. 

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