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Oil, Gas & Sustainable Energy

Our family office pursues public and private opportunities globally in oil and gas, with an emphasis on sustainable and renewable energy. With a preference for disruptive new technologies that provide safe and environmentally energy alternatives, we seek opportunities with founders and managers that provide earth-friendly solutions.

Mackinley Ross, Senior Analyst - Energy and Alternatives

Mackinley Ross oversees the Cooper Family Office's public and private investments in oil, natural gas, and renewable energy. Mac works with the Family Office’s internal equities portfolio manager in generating thematic trades and choosing individual equities within the sector. He also assists the primary Investment Team in sector allocation, risk management, and allocations to private investments within the energy and renewables sectors. In addition, Mackinley helps determine the impact of geopolitical events on the US equities market. He was an advisor to RBRA Capital, LLC, a boutique multi-family office where he analyzed the interplay between geopolitics and financial markets. Mac previously worked with Carlson Capital and Mesirow Financial.  He received his B.A. in Markets and Cultures at Southern Methodist University.

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